Are you ready for clear skin?

Welcome to the Skin Philosophy Acne Program, where clear skin begins.  Our philosophy utilizes tested and proven products, ingredients, and professional clinical treatments to help clear acne. We also take a customized approach and work alongside you to help you achieve your goal of clear, healthy skin and help restore your confidence.

Our Acne Program has a 90% success rate! People that follow the program typically start seeing changes in 30 - 60 days with most cases fully clearing in 4 ‚Äď 6 months.*

We have partnered with Face Reality and use their proven products and treatments for our Acne Program. Why Face Reality? Their acne-focused products and treatments have an established track record clearing acne. Utilizing their products we will specifically tailor a plan and treatments for you and your unique needs.

*Results are dependent on your adherence to the program. Acne does not happen overnight and neither do results. Time, patience, and commitment are needed. Some types of acne take longer to see results, but do not get discouraged; together we can make healthy skin a reality.

Things you need to know before booking an appointment:
  • The acne program is not for everyone. You must be ready to do the work required to achieve results. Only using some of the products, or not following the plan fully will not achieve results.
    • It is important to remember that acne takes 90 days to form so it will take at least 90 days to be fully clear. Patience and consistency are required to to see results.
    • Also remember that acne is never cured, it is controlled. But don't worry, it is possible to keep it under control and have clear skin.
    • Use of other products and/or skin care treatments is not allowed while on the program.
    • People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at their initial appointment.
    • You must stop using any topical prescription medications on your face at least two weeks prior to your appointment.
    • If you are using Accutane you must discontinue use at minimum six months prior to your first appointment. Consultations are available prior to that.
    • Should you decide to participate in the Acne Program you will be required to purchase home care products. These are not included in the treatment or consultation price. You should expect to spend between $135 - $185 for the initial products. These products will last between 8 - 12 weeks depending on your custom regimen.
    • Our Acne Program has a 90% success rate, but this success rate depends on you and the effort you put in along with your level of adherence to the program. This means using the products and following your customized treatment plan, making lifestyle changes, and coming in for scheduled treatments. If you only do part of the program your results will take 4 - 6¬† times as long to achieve, or may not be achieved at all.
    Before Acne Treatment
    After Acne Treatment

    Acne Treatments and Pricing

    All acne treatments include extractions and high frequency. Acne specific LED treatment may be added on for additional cost (see below).

    Acne Consultation & Sensitivity Test ~ 60 - 75 minutes  $100
    During the consultation we will perform a personalized skin analysis, review your skin history, current products, and lifestyle. We will determine your type of acne and also perform a serum sensitivity test to determine correct starting treatment. We will also go over recommended course of treatment and products and their usage.

    Acne Treatment  ~ 30 - 45 minutes  $100
    Acne peel or enzyme treatment that includes extractions, high frequency, review of current routine, and products.

    Acne Treatment  Chest ~ $85
    Acne treatment for chest. Includes extractions and high frequency.

    Acne Treatment  Back ~ $110
    Acne treatment for the back. Includes extractions and high frequency.

    Treatment Add-Ons

    LED Therapy ~ 20 min $40  
    Target breakouts with our LED Light Therapy specifically designed for acne. LightStim Professional LED targets acne causing bacteria to visibly improve existing breakouts.

    Lip Treatment  $30
    An exfoliating and moisturizing lip treatment that will leave your lips smooth, and plump with hydration. Includes full size Skin Philosophy Lip Balm to take home.

    Acne Program FAQ's

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